Natural light makes even the darkest Sunday morning brighter and homes with natural light creates a warmer, friendlier athmosphere. We, at Optimum-Home designed our homes in a way, that every area can obtain the essential daylight by the great-sized windows. The staircases and corridors are facing to the inner communal garden area to make it brigher and filled with fresh air.


Modern but economical at the same time! We, at Optimum-Home, tried to create a clear and logical architectural design that differs from the structural frontage development of previous homes. The outer appearance of the complex includes consistent materials, homogenous space formation, unified windowblinds to create each aparment coherent to the complex. We designed mobile windowblinds to the southern terraces to break the monotony of the streetview.

Sparing the space

Despite the differences in the sizes of our smaller and bigger aparments, we created practical space and room design. The main areas are well-separated, creating an optimal home with private and common space as well.


The inner coridor, by its open structure makes it available to breath the aparments with the help of the greatsized windows even in the kitchen areas.